“Buying local guarantees it’s pure honey coming straight from the hive.” This was a quote from Mal Banks, treasurer of the Mid North Coast Amateur Beekeepers Association NSW in an interview with local newspaper The Camden Haven Courier (click the link at the end of this section for the full article by Matt Attard who also took the photo.)  The following extracts are also from the article: 

THREE words are prevalent in the recent honey controversy currently sweeping Australia – rice syrup pass.  Seemingly innocuous, this sweet additive is made from plants like sugar cane, corn, or rice.

It appears the syrup, which is openly advertised as being able to pass the official C4 test used in Australia for inspecting imported honey to ensure no adulteration, is being mixed with pure nectar and sold as 100 per cent honey …

Mid North Coast beekeeper and founder of Amber Drop Honey, Ana Martin, said she was pleased to see the issue of imported honey has come to light. … ”By importing honey, we are not only damaging our honey industry, we are putting consumer’s health at risk.” 

Australia has one of the cleanest honeys in the world, according to Ana.

“It is time time we realised how lucky we are,” she said. “I urge everyone to support our beekeepers by buying local honey.”

click to read the full article Camden Haven Courier   https://www.camdencourier.com.au/story/5632281/local-producers-buzzing-mad-over-honey-affair/

Amber Drop Honey is one of the makers for Local Taste Hampers.  www.amberdrophoney.com.au