For us, “giving” is at the roots of everything we do. Which is why through our affiliation with B1G1, every gift of a hamper purchased from us, will not only go to support our local growers and makers, but will have a far greater impact, by giving back to those in need.

With over 2 million small businesses contributing to the Australian economy, we personally believe that we as small businesses have what it takes to make big changes in the world.

So if you are looking for a gift like no other, gift a gift with impact from us, at Local Taste Hampers.

Our Contributions so far…

Most small business owners are generous people and will make charitable contributions at one time or another.  Some might wait until the business is profitable before giving back.

We find it more satisfiying to embed giving into the day to day dealings making it part of the business’ DNA.  At first glance, it might look like such small contributions cannot make a big difference, but they do add up. And as we grow, our impact grows with us.

We chose B1G1 because their structure allows members to pay a fee that covers the organisation’s costs. This means that every contribution made to a project can go directly where it is needed .

There are many parts of the world where a few dollars can transform someone’s life. What is small change for us can be nutricious food, the opportunity for education or the start of a business for others. 

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